Rules of the Club

1. Anyone, who has turned 20 on the day of joining the Club and who has read and understood the Charter of the Club and its Rules and who is ready to adhere to them, can become a member of the Club.

2. Levels of sport achievements and athletic performance of a future member on the day of joining the Club are of no importance.

3. Club membership does not presuppose obligatory participation in competitions.

4. Active participation in organization and carrying out of annual club event Donbass Open Aquatics Fest are obligatory for a member of the Club.

5. Official web-site of the Club is

6. General meeting of the Club members is held once a month. It is possible to hold a meeting in mode of teleconference.

7. Payment of membership fees is fulfilled via money transfer into current account of the Club.

8. It is possible to withdraw membership at any time, having given a written notice to the President of the Club.

9. Those, who break Organization Charter of the Club and the given Rules, may be excluded from the Club.