About club

The Sport Club “DRUZHBA” was founded as a Sport Club “Donbass Swimming Masters ” (the first name, before rebranding) is a social organization registered in the Regional Justice Department.

The Club was established on the 28th of March, 2001 by Prychyna Gennadii Anatoljevich, who has been the head of the club since that time.

The main purpose of the Club is holding an annual Aquatics Festival in “masters” category in Donetsk-City – D.O.A.F. The members of the Club do their best so that this Festival becomes a great event in life of Donetsk, serves to promote swimming in Ukraine and far beyond its borders, to involve into sports life veterans and swimming-lovers, to attract attention of thousands of Donetsk inhabitants to healthy way of life.
Having started its history in 2003 from a little swimming contest in “masters” category, the Festival, for the moment, has turned into a real holiday of aquatics. The structure of Festival embraces not only swimming in a swimming-pool, but also open water swimming, diving, mini water-polo tournament, synchronized swimming competitions, aquacade “Merry Dolphins” and elimination water races “Super-sprint”.

Within the framework of the Festival inhabitants of Donetsk and its guests have a possibility to meet legendary sportsmen, to take part in master-classes, which are carried out by Olympic Champions, merited masters of sport and masters of sport of International Grade, to improve their level of mastership.

Reach cultural program of the Festival – numerous excursions, meetings with interesting people – gives an opportunity to the participants and guests of the Festival to get acquainted with life of inhabitants of Donetsk, difficult labor of miners and rich history of Ukrainian land.

The main activity of the Club is support, organization and conducting of events, which involve former sportsmen and swimming lovers into active sport life; popularization of healthy way of life, physical culture and sport longevity by personal example.

All the Club members take an active participation in “Masters” Championships not only in Ukraine and Russia but also in far-abroad countries, World and Europe Championships; they are multiple recordsmen, winners and medal winners of these Championships.

In 2003 the Club organized and conducted tournament “Donbass Open Swimming Championships in “Masters” Category”, which made a serious impression on sport society and became a traditional one. This event transformed into sports holiday.

The purpose of the tournament – is to popularize swimming in Ukraine and far beyond its borders, to involve former sportsmen and swimming lovers into sport life, to promote healthy way of life, to identify the best swimmers among the veterans.

Starting from year 2004 water polo lessons were introduced and Swimming School for Children and the Youth was established. The Club also conducts Sports Aquacade “Merry Dolphins”, in which sport families and energetic collectives of different enterprises take part.

Activities of Sport Club “Donbass Swimming Masters” help citizens of Donetsk to regain their former sport glory, and raise the status of our city all over the world.